‘Community Matters’ To Newport CC

Help your Newport Shropshire Cycling Club by shopping at Waitrose in Newport!

Waitrose have kindly allowed us to join their ‘Community Matters’ scheme. Basically every time you shop, you’ll get a token to put in one of 3 charity slots near the door.

This month Newport CC’s youth training scheme will be one of the recipients. £1000 will be split by the proportion of tokens in the boxes. If we get 30% of the total number of tokens, the club gets £300, 43% and we get £430 and so on. We got over £300 last time we were part of the scheme, so let’s see if we can top that!


Get down to Waitrose and spend, spend, spend! (Tell your friends to put their tokens in our slot too!)


‘Community Matters’ To Newport CC — 1 Comment

  1. I had a look how we were doing. We’re third, but not far off second. Early days though. Get shopping!