Out Of Africa: Nick Price In Gambia

A chance conversation with the hotel’s beach attendant led to a memorable Christmas bike ride in Africa for Newport Shropshire Cycling Club member Nick Price. Nick takes up the commentary…

“Road racing in the Gambia is not well developed but the cyclists are no less enthusiastic about their sport than those in the UK, only their bikes are a problem.”

“My befriended beach attendant and his group lent me their best road bike and took me on a fast trip down the Banjul Highway. Riding three abreast past the ailing trucks,carts and stray dogs, I had no doubt that such fantastic guys deserve better bikes. Cracked frames held together with Jubilee clips, chain jumping over worn cogs, perished tyres. Such spare parts cost weeks or months of pay for the majority of Gambians.On my return this year, most of my luggage was the garage contents of generous members of Newport Shropshire Cycling Club.”

“It was a thrill to see how excited my patient new friends were with various used bike parts and new tubes, kindly donated by Fred Williams Cycles of Wolverhampton.”

If anyone is planning a trip to Gambia or have road bike spares to donate, please speak to a club member or contact me on nick@nprice.freeserve.co.uk

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