Newport Duathlon – Sunday 6th October

Event Photos by RDP Photography now available!

The Newport Duathlon is now less than 2 weeks away, so there’s now an urgency to get your entries in fast!

Newport Shropshire Cycling Club and Newport District Running Club have promoted the event now for 3 years. Despite an ever increasing size of field, the event still retains a very welcoming and friendly atmosphere and with such a wide array of abilities, there’s no need for any competitor to feel concerned about how they will perform on the day – see it as a bit of fun.

And as there’s a little friendly rivalry between NSCC and NDRC, where a team competition is well established, your duathlon performance could help NSCC take the team prize!

So without any further delay, get your entries in NOW!


Newport Duathlon – Sunday 6th October — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks to all the members of, Newport Cycle Club, Newpot Running Club and Nova Raiders who encouraged me en route this morning, yes I did finish before middday! Going through the ‘never again’ stage at the moment but October 2014 is far way and maybe again?