B-Run Team Up For Hospice

Newport Cycling Club members took part in Sunday’s Cycle Challenge to raise money for Katherine House Hospice in Stafford. The 13 members from Newport Cycling were joined by one from Nova Raiders as they tackled the 65 mile route. The course which looped east from Stafford to Tibberton was a challenge for many of the riders but all managed to complete the course.

What was also encouraging to see was that 10 of the 14 were women, particularly with the inaugural Women’s Tour taking place in Eastern England this coming week. More and more women are taking to two wheels for sport, as a means of transport and exercise.

Those taking part were Angela Batley, Judy Baulf, Rowan Pennell, Julie Edwards, Wendy Garthwaite, Merriel Griffiths, Graham Cook, Mike Roberts, Pauline Newton, Lisa Blagden, Lucy Blythe, Dave Griffiths, Rob Garthwaite and Diane Jeggo.

Proceeds from the ride will go towards the £2.7million running costs of the hospice.


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