Get Well Soon Lee!

New member Lee Sullivan has been taken to hospital after a mass pile-up at Round 2 of the Road Race League at Charlton. Lee was the most injured of the many casualties. As the ambulance arrived Lee was conscious, but had no recollection of the crash. He appears to have had a shoulder injury, but we will know more later.

Lee was expected to do well here as he has previously won the event in a similar bunch sprint. Lee is pictured at the start of the event with his father Dave, who is also a keen cyclist.

From our position on the finish line, this is what we could make out. Three of the five groups had come together and riders were massing for the bunch sprint. With around 300m still to go the riders fanned across the road and suddenly there was carnage as bikes went up in the air and riders ended up in hedges and ditches.

Many riders were injured and bikes severely damaged. Also involved in the crash were Newport CC’s Mark Stocks and Ben Goddard. Neither were badly hurt.


Good news, Lee Sullivan discharged from hospital with a broken collarbone in the early hours of this morning. Feeling a bit battered but all the better for a few hours kip in his own bed.


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