Course Record Equalled – Evening 10 TT 27/05/2014

No rain but a challenging headwind for the first Newport CC Evening 10 TT of the year. No Olympic gold medallist but 35 riders took on the course for the first time this year. It proved to be a good night for Matt Davies of Paramount CRT who won with a record equalling 21:55. He was followed by Rich Nickless of Revolutions Racing in a decent time of 22:32.

The fastest Newport rider was Aidan Dodd who came home in 22:59. Well done to all those who took part and all those who helped with the signing on and Marshalling.

Position No Name Club Actual Time
135Matt Davies Paramount CRT 21:55
228Rich Nickless Revolution Racing 22:32
322Alex Leek Wrekinsport CC 22:37
424Jason Harland Wrekinsport CC 22:41
519Ed Middleton Nova Raiders 22:56
634A Dodd Newport(Shropshire)CC 22:59
725Mark Griffiths Wrekinsport CC 23:33
815Colin Barnes Nova Raiders 23:44
913Mark Harrison Nova Raiders 24:05
1021Simon Grey Wrekinsport CC 24:20
114Tim Beardsmore Bridgnorth CC 24:24
125Adrian Billington Wrekinsport CC 24:27
139Tim Nelson Newport(Shropshire)CC 24:32
1420Mick Donnelly Nova Raiders 24:39
1518Nick Pavard Nova Raiders 24:58
1617Mark Stocks Newport(Shropshire)CC 25:34
1712Gwyn Sayce Newport(Shropshire)CC 25:44
1831Jon Bradley Nova Raiders 25:46
1916Robin Sheddon Wrekinsport CC 26:08
203Sean Lacey Newport(Shropshire)CC 26:33
2129Phil Jefferies Revolution Racing 26:34
2214Malcolm Page Newport(Shropshire)CC 27:03
237Mark Sheridan Nova Raiders 27:35
248Paul Morris Bridgnorth CC 27:38
2527Tim Evans Newport(Shropshire)CC 27:43
2630Alan Price Newport(Shropshire)CC 27:48
2733Jim Percival Wrekinsport CC 27:52
286Tracey Billington Wrekinsport CC 27:58
2910Kirsti Wells Evolve 28:33
3032Paul Gilbert? Nova Raiders 28:41
3111Paul Cole Evolve 29:57
3223Rachel Storey Nova Raiders 30:01
3326Gary Barnes Nova Raiders 30:15
342Dan Braddock Newport(Shropshire)CC 30:17
351Terry Collins Wrekinsport CC 35:30


Course Record Equalled – Evening 10 TT 27/05/2014 — 5 Comments

  1. If evidence can be provided of a faster time then we will happily change it. These records are based on the ones on the membership cards that Jim Morrison provided. Up until last year we didn’t record course records so none of the non club records would have been recorded.

  2. You’re right Matt. Sub 22 minute rides are not uncommon on the ’10’ course due to it being a short course. I’ve looked at the 2004 results when I too recall Andy riding:

    Andy Tennant rode 21:07 on 13th July 2004 under conditions I described as ‘Warm, Dry, Head Wind Out’. However, Dan Saltys (Newport CC) rode a 20.37 on 10/08/04.

  3. Email from Dave Fletcher: “Won’t allow me to post. However, I can remember Dan Soltys doing that ride in 2004, he came flying past me. What wasn’t said however was he was fortunate to be literally 6 inches off the back of a slowish moving sludge tanker for about 3 miles of it down the return leg and got a huge draft as a result! :-)”