A Huge Thanks To Team Nocturne!

The 2014 Newport Nocturne was yet again a big hit with the massive crowd, who lined the flood-lit closed streets and cheered the ladies & gentleman on their jolly way.

A quick word from the organiser and promoter, Nick Jeggo…

“This year’s Nocturne was probably the most difficult to organise, but thanks to an army of friends and supporters we managed to pull together a great night of racing. We couldn’t have done it without youThanks everyone!”


And appreciation from Chief Marshal, Sean Lacey…

“From everyone involved in the Nocturne, and from me especially I would like to thank you all for the fantastic job you did on Saturday night, and for volunteering in the first place. We were struggling for numbers nearing the event, but you good people saved the day, and as said before, without you guys the event doesn’t happen at all.

I know we had a few minor issues with crossings, barriers and parked cars which you coped with well, but if any of you have any feedback or suggestions, please do get in touch and I will have a meeting with Nick Jeggo to discuss the points ahead of the next event.

Chapeau all!”

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