Manchester Velodrome Taster Session (Club Members Only)

The Club has booked a one hour taster session for Friday 2nd January 2015. The session will last from 7pm – 8pm and the cost will include bike hire.

There are 16 places available and the cost of £14 (+ shoe hire) will mean that if all places are taken up, the club will make a small profit. If not, we will break even at 14 places.

The cost will include bike hire and instruction, but if you don’t use Look Delta type pedals you will need to hire shoes at an extra £5. To be clear, Look Delta are the old Look design and very few people still them. Most people are on Look Keo these days. We are expecting almost everyone to need to hire shoes. Shoe hire is payable on the day.

Getting There
We are giving priority to our young members and after that it will be first come, first served. Also, as transport is not included we’d like people to share transport and costs. In particular we’d like volunteers to take our 14 to 16 year olds if their parents are unable to go.

Bike and Shoe Sizing
We will need bike sizing (there is a guide table) and shoe sizes well in advance of the session. Cheques should be made payable to Newport (Shropshire) Cycling Club. Nick will collect cheques from people on Sunday morning or by post. (Although we need shoe sizing in advance, the hire charge is payable on the day, so £14 only need be paid in advance, £5 for shoes on the day)

See the Pros the Next Day
There is a Revolution track meeting at Manchester on the following evening Saturday 3/1/15. Having had our try out, it might be nice to see how the Pros do it! You can get more information and buy tickets at

Please contact Nick on 07967 452688 or at to book your place.


(Published by Newport Shropshire CC, Newport, Shropshire, TF10. West Midlands. Part of Telford & Wrekin)




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