Super 7 Series Update and Event Alert!!!!

Firstly a quick update for the provisional standings for the TT series. There is one more chance to ride a qualifying TT and earn some points. In some cases a few seconds improvement could make all the difference when the final reckoning is done.

Paul BaileyNewport(Shropshire)CC22:0720
Matthew GaithwaiteNewport(Shropshire)CC22:0919
Dave OwenNewport(Shropshire)CC23:2618
Tim EvansNewport(Shropshire)CC24:1917
Gwyn SayceNewport(Shropshire)CC25:0616
Mark StocksNewport(Shropshire)CC26:0415
Malcolm PageNewport(Shropshire)CC26:1714
Alan PriceNewport(Shropshire)CC26:4213
Oli DuffinNewport(Shropshire)CC27:0212
Charlie FisherNewport(Shropshire)CC27:1311
Sean LaceyNewport(Shropshire)CC28:1910
Alex CapstickNewport(Shropshire)CC28:289
James LuNewport(Shropshire)CC28:348
Ian VannNewport(Shropshire)CC29:167
Dan BraddockNewport(Shropshire)CC29:206
Alison SalthouseNewport(Shropshire)CC32:505

The next event is . . .

  • SUPER 4:¬†(July) Mountain Bike Enduro, Marshbrook, Sunday 5th July, 25/50/75 km distances to chose from, camping and beer after the event if you want to make a weekend of it.
    Enter online NOW

    Points awarded based on finishing position 20 points for first down to a minimum of 1 point for 20th and below.
    (Competitive Event)

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