Midlands Cyclocross Championships – Sunday 6th December – Event Details

Sunday’s Race Programme

09.00 Sign-on open

09.15 Marshals to check positions after marshals briefing

09.30 Course open for practice

10.00 Sign-on closed for race 1/course closed

10.15 Race 1 – Under 8’s

10.20 Sign-on closed for race 2

10.35 Race 2 – U10’s

10.35 Sign-on closed for Race 3

10.50 Race 3 – Under 12

11.00 Course open for general practice *

11.30 Presentation for U8, U10, U12 races

11.30 Sign-on closed for race 4/course closed

11.45 Race 4 Junior/Senior /Vet Women, Vet Men 50+

12.30 Course open for general practice*

13.00 Sign-on closed for race 5/course closed

13.15 Race 5 – U14 boys & girls and Youth U16 boys & girls

14.00 Sign-on closed for race 6/ course closed

14.15 Race 6 Junior Men, Senior Men, Vet Men 40 – 49

15.15 Racing complete

16.00 Course cleared

*Practice time is subject to previous races being completed, or behind ‘sweeper’ on last lap of events and always strictly only with the approval of the Chief Commissaire.

As before, there will be a £2 parking charge at Newport Rugby Club. Please park close to the next vehicle.

We will not be allowing gazebos in the parking area, only in a designated area adjacent to the course.

Should the car park get full, there is an overflow car park at Forton Cricket Club, around a 10 minute walk away.

If parking in any other area, please be considerate and be careful not to block drives and access points.

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