Time Trial Results – Updated 16/06/2016

Here are the latest results from our Tuesday night Time Trial series.

Matthew GarthwaiteRhino Velo RT20.32
Bryn DaviesHafren CC21.41
Craig BallMid Shropshire Wheelers22.00
Matt GibbonsNova Raiders22.05
Tim BeardmoreBridgnorth CC22.31
Ed MiddletonNova Raiders22.33
Andy RoseNova Raiders22.38
Terry IckeNewport Shropshire CC22.41
Dave OwenNova Raiders23.03
Andy MaxwellNova Raiders23.13
Mark HarrisonNova Raiders23.29
Jonathan SmithNova Raiders23.30
Ian LaverieNova Raiders23.31
Nick PavardNova Raiders23.38
Steve ElcocksRevolutions Racing24.06
Hollie OwensLitchfield CC25.04
Chad Bickford-SmithUnattached27.02
Alan PriceNewport Shropshire CC27.14
Tim EvansNewport Shropshire CC28.21
Tracey BillingtonWrekinsport CC28.50
Terry CollinsWrekinsport CC38.34
Matthew GarthwaiteRhino Velo RT20.52
Matt GibbonsNova Raiders21.52
Paul BaileyUnattached22.09
Alex LeekVCST Raphael22.28
Terry IckesNewport Shropshire CC22.40
Richard SmithWrekinsport23.00
Mark HarrisonNova Raiders23.07
Dave OwenNova Raiders23.08
Andy MaxwellNova Raiders23.23
Ian LaverieNova Raiders23.25
Tom ByattRevolutions Racing23.54
Charlie FisherNewport Shropshire CC24.17
Steve ElcocksRevolutions Racing24.17
Tom ColleyNewport Shropshire CC24.24
Tim EvansNewport Shropshire CC25.08
Pete GriffinNewport Shropshire CC25.33
John ByattRevolutions Racing26.11
Lucas TillettNewport Shropshire CC27.25
Hilary StevensonNova Raiders33.35
Terry CollierWrekinsport CC38.29
Dave PoulterWrekinsport CCDNS
Daniel WattsRAF CA21.41
Terry IckesNewport Shropshire CC22.26
Richard SmithWrekinsport CC23.26
Charlie FisherNewport Shropshire CC23.56
Steve ElcocoksRevolutions Racing23.59
Chas BickfordUnattached24.43
Tim EvansNewport Shropshire CC24.59
Andrew RudgeNewport Shropshire CC30.03
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