Guest Riders on Club Runs

As a club we pride ourselves in the fact that we are actively involved in supporting and promoting
cycling in and around the Newport area. When you join as a member it enables the club to organise a wide range of activities from a round of the Road Race League to our popular “Bike Club” for our younger members.

To enable us to provide these and other activities we need to ensure that the club has suitable Public Liability Insurance. This is currently provided by British Cycling (For competitive events) and Cycling UK (For Club and Social Rides).

However a matter has been brought to our attention that if unaddressed could cause problems going forward. There are a number of riders who continue to participate in club rides who are not members. The approach of the club has always been that guests are welcome participate in up to three rides.

Having consulted with BC and Cycling UK we have discovered that this could potentially invalidate the Public Liability Insurance for the club. For example the Cycling UK PLI Policy states . . .

“A Cycling UK guideline is therefore that there should not be more than ten nonmembers on any one ride, nor should a nonmember participate in a Cycling UK ride more than three times. This limitation does not apply to events registered with Cycling UK.”
Therefore from 23/04/2017 any rider who has ridden more than 3 times on a club organised ride must become a member. They will not be permitted to ride on any club rides until they have joined. Continuing to ride without membership would invalidate Public Liability Insurance for the whole club.

The subscription to the club has enabled us to support a wide range of activities. Without Public Liability Insurance there would be no Club Run, no Family Rides, no CycloCross and no Bike Club.

Being a member allows you to part of so much good within the community and who wouldn’t want to be part of that.


Many Thanks

Dan Braddock
Club Secretary

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