Road Race League – Thursday 11/05/2017 – Volunteers Needed!

Our round of the Road Race League is just three weeks away, on the evening of Thursday 11/05/2017. We need marshals, drivers, judges and signing-on staff.

The event is normally very popular because it only lasts around an hour and a half and it’s quite exciting as you see the handicap groups coming together. Each lap is just 6 miles, so groups lap in around 15 minutes. With 5 groups on the road, there’s always plenty to see.

We always make sure that the main marshalling points have an experienced person in control, so don’t worry about if you haven’t marshalled before.

We need more people than we used to because many of the duties that the League used to attend to have been passed to promoting clubs. Ideally, we need to have around 35 people helping at the event, to include signing-on staff, judges, marshals and drivers.

The race HQ is at Knighton, just 5 miles out of Newport and we’ll need people to be on site by 1815 at the latest. If you can’t make that.time we may be able to arrange for you to go straight to your marshalling point in time for the start at 1900.

Our round is the first one of the series, so we really need to put on a good show. Please let me know ASAP if you can help. You can reply to this email, or alternatively call Nick on 07967 452688.

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