Road Race League – Volunteers Needed!

It’s Round 1 of the Road Race League on Thursday the 9th of May and as that’s our round, we need your help.

As usual, we’ll need marshals, car drivers, judges and signing-on staff.

Marshalling will be much easier on the Knighton circuit this year because we’ve opted to use Accredited Marshals on this course from now on. That means all three junctions on the course will have official stop/go signs operated by trained officials.

We will also have NEG motorcycle outriders, so our job will basically be to point the way and man the other parts of the course, like the bends out of Knighton.

This is always a fun race to be a part of, so please put your name forward to help. If you could let us know ASAP it would be helpful because I will be working at Manchester Velodrome in the run up to the race, so everything needs setting up well in advance.

Please let me know if you can help. If you’re volunteering for a driving job, I’ll need BC membership number, DoB, car make and model, registration number.

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