Newport out in force at 4up TTT

Sunday Morning at the newly reopened Lamb Inn at Edgmond saw the annual running of the SCCA 4UP Team Time Trial. Teams of 4 were required to ride as fast as they can for a just over 30 miles on a challenging course.

There had been a lot of activity on the Newport Time Trial Facebook group and we had been very lucky to get 5 teams (Blue, Red, White, Black and Pink). Especially as one of those teams was an all female team. In the weeks in the run up to the event many had take the opportunity to ride the course so they knew what they were letting themselves in for.

Every team left everything out on the road and we are so proud of them all.

Especially the Pink Team of Rosie Homer, Sarah Roberts, Dawn Cook and Tina Tomkinson who won the Women’s Trophy.

Well done all! The full results are below.

PositionForename SurnameSquadTime
1DavidWilliamsVelotik Racing Team1:06:14
1TobyWilliamsVelotik Racing Team
1GarethSangerVelotik Racing Team
1ChrisMannVelotik Racing Team
2AndrewOvertonSuccess Cycling1:06:45
2JamieJenkinsSuccess Cycling
2StevenVanesSuccess Cycling
2GaryJonesSuccess Cycling
3PaulJohnstone (R)Preston CC1:07:00
3Colin CarefootPreston CC
3DanielChestersPreston CC
3MatthewMoorhousePreston CC
4LukeVallanceWrexham RC 11:08:44
4SteveAstonWrexham RC 1
4DyfanEvansWrexham RC 1
4Ben GoodfellowWrexham RC 1
5RichardSmith Wrekinsport A1:09:59
5ChrisHalfordWrekinsport A
5TomosHalesWrekinsport A
5AllanHendersonWrekinsport A
6DeanCallisterNova A1:10:17
6EdMiddletonNova A
6NickLongNova A
6DeanDoveyNova A
7EdwardChiltonLiverpool Phoenix Combined1:11:29
7ArthurWinstanleyLiverpool Phoenix Combined
7ChristopheMoeriLiverpool Phoenix Combined
7KevinLarmerLiverpool Phoenix Combined
8TimothyO'DonnellParamount CRT 11:13:26
8SteveGriffithsParamount CRT 1
8GedKennedyParamount CRT 1
8NeilWilsonParamount CRT 1
9OliverAtkinNewport Team Blue1:14:48
9TomColleyNewport Team Blue
9MartinRobertsNewport Team Blue
9AllenFieldNewport Team Blue
10AndyHazellNova C1:15:02
10SteveChapmanNova C
10AndrewLaconNova C
10GraemeDonnellNova C
11DaveMooreWrekinsport B1:15:24
11RichardHowesWrekinsport B
11RobJacksonWrekinsport B
11AlistairHattonWrekinsport B
12Bernard Hutson-LumbNova B1:15:25
12DebHutson-LumbNova B
12StevenFordNova B
12CharlotteChapmanNova B
13AndrewCraddockNova D1:16:54
13DarrenMuffittNova D
13KieranHackettNova D
13RichardGuyNova D
14HaydnJonesWrexham RC 21:17:37
14PeterEverettWrexham RC 2
14RichardElmittWrexham RC 2
14JanKardaszWrexham RC 2
15MichaelSmithermanNova E1:20:35
15GaryWheelerNova E
15SimonRangeNova E
15Colin BarnesNova E
16MarkStocksNewport Team Red1:23:22
16MickTomkinsonNewport Team Red
16AndyHullandNewport Team Red
16TimEvansNewport Team Red
17SteveSmithWrekinsport C1:26:43
17MarkCallaghanWrekinsport C
17Pete MulloyWrekinsport C
17SteveMoldWrekinsport C
18MarkDaviesParamount CRT 21:26:46
18SteveJoyceParamount CRT 2
18BillMcLeanParamount CRT 2
18DaveNorthernParamount CRT 2
19DanBraddockNewport Team Black1:26:52
19StephenGriceNewport Team Black
19AlexCapstickNewport Team Black
19AlanMcKeownNewport Team Black
20RichardGoddardNewport Team White1:26:57
20AlanSimsNewport Team White
20MatthewMcCannNewport Team White
20JohnGriggNewport Team White
21IanSmithParamount CRT 31:28:38
21RowanMcKittrickParamount CRT 3
21RobertOsbourneParamount CRT 3
21AndrewJowettParamount CRT 3
22BruceGregoryWrekinsport E1:30:02

22SteveLloydWrekinsport E
22JohnPearceWrekinsport E
22AbiPearceWrekinsport E
23RosemaryHomerNewport Team Pink1:32:45
23SarahRobertsNewport Team Pink
23DawnCookNewport Team Pink
23TinaTomkinsonNewport Team Pink
24ClareCotterillWrekinsport Ladies1:33:02
24HelenaAmosWrekinsport Ladies
24Helen BlakeWrekinsport Ladies
24FionolaCorleyWrekinsport Ladies
25MartinDissWrekinsport D1:36:28
25AlisonSalthouseWrekinsport D
25DerekFlemingWrekinsport D
25HenryFlemingWrekinsport D
.DavePoulterWrekinsport RebelsDNF
.RobinSheddenWrekinsport Rebels
.BobElliottWrekinsport Rebels
.FinbarrO'KeeffeWrekinsport Rebels

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