Membership Extended Through 2021

First and foremost I hope you and your loved ones are all well. In these difficult times it is those closest to us that matter the most. During the Covid 19 crisis we have all seen some wonderful acts of humanity.

Simple actions have suddenly taken on a greater meaning to us all. People have been presented with a challenging situation and met it with compassion and support.

Although many of us have been out enjoying cycling I am sure we are all missing the company of others. Sadly the social distancing rules have meant that club runs, bike club and a number of events have not been able to happen.

We have not been able to do what we do best. Develop, support and participate in cycling with our fellow club members.

After careful consideration the committee have decided that any membership fees that have been paid for 2020 will be carried forward to 2021.

This means that if you have already paid your subs for 2020 then they will now not be due until January 2022. We recognise that many of you have been furloughed or have had businesses mothballed.

We want to say that our members are the most important thing to us. Without you we are nothing.

Every year your membership subscriptions give us the launchpad to develop the next generation of cyclists.

To organise cycling events that bring the wider community together. To meet up and ride. To give riders an opportunity to compete.

The subs may not seem like a lot individually. However when put together they mean we can all be part of something greater. It is only a small gesture. It may not make a massive difference to your financial situation but we want to help where we can.

Furthermore please reach out to your fellow club members for support, guidance or just for a chat. We live in an age where we can easily connect with those we can not be with

Dan Braddock
Club Secretary

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