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Record BreakersNewport Shropshire Cycling Club have had a healthy inter-club rivalry over the years, with some grand distances and astonishing times set by many individuals.

Despite the focus of cycling disciplines having changed over the many years Newport CC has existed, from time trialing and audax events to road racing and sportive rides, these records from yesteryear still stand and have been set to be challenged by others. So as a Newport CC member, why not attempt to beat some or all of these amazing records…

Try get your name in the NSCC record books!

10 MilesAndy Joseph21:49
10 Miles Course RecordR Nickless
M Davies
25 MilesGJ Barnbrooke56:52:00
30 MilesR Cannell01:15:50
50 MilesGJ Barnbrooke01:54
100 MilesD Soltys04:21:10
12 HoursM Garthwaite249.59m
24 HoursR Hoof410.04m
Place to PlaceK Peate01:26:02

Note: The records have been retrieved from a distant archive. If you think you have a substantiated claim on any of the club records above, please submit it to:


  1. Richard Nickless

    Are these records for 1st claim club only??

  2. Rich/All, CLUB Records are for first claim members of NCC; COURSE Records are open to anyone.

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