Coaching at ‘Bike Club’

So why the need for coaching, or as our younger riders like to call it, ‘Bike Club‘?

Bike Club

Well, Newport Shropshire Cycling Club, like many sports clubs around the country, understand the importance of bringing and then nurturing new blood into the sport of cycling, so with the help of British Cycling, Newport CC have a team of qualified British Cycling Level 2 coaches..

So, if you would like to gain more confidence in riding a bicycle safely, or you think a child may benefit in being taught basic-intermediate cycling skills and techniques, which with practice become a skills set, then do not hesitate to come see what our coaches do, or make contact with us by email:

Note 1: Due to the huge popularity of Newport CC’s coaching sessions, participants should already be able to ride a bicycle (without stabilizers).

**To teach your child how to ride a bike, see below…**

Note 2: If you and your child are NEW to our ‘Bike Club‘ coaching sessions, then you will be required to complete a ‘Rider Consent Form‘ for each rider, so please PRINT and complete the form, then bring it with you…

Online Bookings can be made here

Please Note: The booking window will close at 6pm on the Friday before the Session

Where & When

Coaching sessions are conducted in a traffic-free environment at Burton Borough School every Saturday morning, with the following start times…

Group 1 Foundation
Start: 9:15   (Sign on @ 9:00)
Duration: 45 minutes
Group 2 Development
Start: 9:15   (Sign on @ 9:00)
Duration: 45 minutes
Group 3 | Advanced
Start 10:15 (Sign on @ 10:00)
Duration:  45 minutes

Group Ability Criteria

Group 1 – Foundation
Participants already being able to ride a bicycle (without stabilizers).
Group 2 – Development
Children must be able to do the following:
• Negotiate a slalom
• Ride in a straight line
• Controlled stop on a line using both brakes
• Shoulder check
• High 5
• ‘Ready to Start’ and successful delivery
• Understand and carry out instructions
Group 3 – Advanced
Children must be able to do the following:
• Selection of correct gear
• Ability to hold a wheel
• Ability to ride a corner
• Ability to ride in pairs/group
• Speed test
• Bottle grab and return
• Understand and carry through instructions

You will find us here

Burton Borough School,

Audley Avenue,



TF10 7DS



SYou will need to bring…

  • A well maintained bicycle *
  • A Helmet
  • Appropriate clothing (e.g. gloves, jacket)

Bicycle maintenance is the responsibility of the parent/carer/child. Newport Cycling Club coaches and assistants are happy to give advice and direction.

Watch how to ‘Bike Safety Check’ now.

Months of operation:
From April through to the end of October, with a ‘Banish Boredom‘ – ‘Give It A Go‘ taster session held during the Easter Holidays, Christmas break and the February half-term.

Session Fees & Membership

As a club member, your child will be given their very own Annual Bike Club Pass, which is something they should be proud of and entitles them to a 30% reduction in session fees.

  • Club Member session fees = £2 per session
  • Non-club member session fees = £3 per session
Complete the Membership Form today and bring it along with the Rider Consent Form – Family Membership is also available! Also, please familiarize yourself with our Bike Club Rules and Group Criteria.

You can keep right up to date with everything on Facebook!.

**Our coaching sessions are tailored towards progressing kids into racing – certainly teaching them techniques they can hone into a skills set which can be taken into a competitive environment.

For children who are learning to ride a bike, we recommend they learn with Cycle Experience in Telford, who can cater for their needs. Once Cycle Experience have performed their magic and once your child is up and running with confidence, we will then be able to advance them further.**

For more information or if you need to contact our Club Welfare Officers, please call or email us at…




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