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SCCA 4-Up Team Time Trial: 4th August 2013

Today saw the latest SCCA 4up TT Event with three Newport teams entering. Stourbridge Velo recorded the fastest time of 1:08:13 whilst the mountain bikers were the quickest of the Newport teams with a time of 1:14:03. Well done to all those who took part.

Just a quick message from Dave Fletcher of the SCCA below:-

Thanks to all those who took part, I was a little worried about conditions with 10 minutes to go but turned out OK in the end. I hope those who stayed for the excellent BBQ at The Lamb Inn afterwards enjoyed a thoroughly sociable meal. Thanks also to our many helpers. I hope to see you all again next year. I’ve a small collection of racing tops, please contact me if you’ve lost yours.”

Pos'nStart No.ForenameSurnameClubSquadTime
129DavidMoleStourbridge VeloStourbridge Velo01:08:13
130JamesJevonsStourbridge VeloStourbridge Velo
131ScottO'NeillStourbridge VeloStourbridge Velo
132MarkHammondStourbridge VeloStourbridge Velo
273IanBoamNorth Shropshire WheelersNorth Shropshire Wheelers 101:09:03
274MarkMusgroveNorth Shropshire WheelersNorth Shropshire Wheelers 1
275TomGarbettNorth Shropshire WheelersNorth Shropshire Wheelers 1
276TimRexNorth Shropshire WheelersNorth Shropshire Wheelers 1
381AndyCrawshawPreston CCPreston CC 101:09:18
382MartinPoolPreston CCPreston CC 1
383GaryTyePreston CCPreston CC 1
384RobinBrennanPreston CCPreston CC 1
449AndrewTabernaclePreston CCPreston Combined01:10:46
450PaulJohnstonePreston CCPreston Combined
451NeilHigginsDeeside OlympicPreston Combined
452MarkWebbPreston CCPreston Combined
569IanSparkFred Williams RTCombined 101:13:23
570RobJonesWrekinsport CCCombined 1
571DelwynJonesWrekinsport CCCombined 1
572AlanDaviesPSUK CRTCombined 1
677RichardNicklessNova RaidersNova Raiders Combined01:13:27
678EdMiddletonNova RaidersNova Raiders Combined
679ScottHarrisNova RaidersNova Raiders Combined
680ColinBarnesWrekinsport CCNova Raiders Combined
721JimMorrisonNewport Shropshire CCMountain Bikers01:14:03
722RobCannellNewport Shropshire CCMountain Bikers
723AidenDoddNewport Shropshire CCMountain Bikers
724MattBlytheNewport Shropshire CCMountain Bikers
865PaulBuftonHafren CCHafren CC 101:14:24
866KeithHughesHafren CCHafren CC 1
867MedwynJonesHafren CCHafren CC 1
868GrahamHarrisHafren CCHafren CC 1
941AdrianBillingtonWrekinsport CCWrekinsport CC 101:15:44
942FraserMacKinnonWrekinsport CCWrekinsport CC 1
943DaveGostelowWrekinsport CCWrekinsport CC 1
944SimonGrayWrekinsport CCWrekinsport CC 1
1033IanCoeHafren CCHafren CC 201:17:42
1034BrynDaviesHafren CCHafren CC 2
1035GeorgeCoeHafren CCHafren CC 2
1036MikeFilekHafren CCHafren CC 2
1157SteveUrbickiNova RaidersNova Raiders B01:18:36
1158IanLaverieNova RaidersNova Raiders B
1159SamWestwoodNova RaidersNova Raiders B
1160MarkGoldingNova RaidersNova Raiders B
1261TimNelsonNewport Shropshire CCNewport Shropshire CC A01:20:02
1262GwynnSayceNewport Shropshire CCNewport Shropshire CC A
1263DaveClintonNewport Shropshire CCNewport Shropshire CC A
1264RichardGoddardNewport Shropshire CCNewport Shropshire CC A
1317PhilGuyNorth Shropshire WheelersNorth Shropshire Wheelers 201:20:24
1318NigelFarrNorth Shropshire WheelersNorth Shropshire Wheelers 2
1319GeoffEdgertonNorth Shropshire WheelersNorth Shropshire Wheelers 2
1320MikeRigbyNorth Shropshire WheelersNorth Shropshire Wheelers 2
1413AlistairHattonWrekinsport CCWrekinsport CC 201:20:59
1414TimGriffithsWrekinsport CCWrekinsport CC 2
1415KenDowningWrekinsport CCWrekinsport CC 2
1416SteveWittyWrekinsport CCWrekinsport CC 2
1545MarkHarrisonNova RaidersNova Raiders C01:26:54
1546GaryWadeNova RaidersNova Raiders C
1547SimonHartridgeNova RaidersNova Raiders C
1548JamesEggertonNova RaidersNova Raiders C
165HelenWaughMid Shropshire WheelersMid Shropshire Wheelers01:27:42
166BrianMorrisMid Shropshire WheelersMid Shropshire Wheelers
167TonyWilldayMid Shropshire WheelersMid Shropshire Wheelers
168DaveHowesMid Shropshire WheelersMid Shropshire Wheelers
171SeanLaceyNewport Shropshire CCNewport Shropshire CC B01:28:55
172AlexCapstickNewport Shropshire CCNewport Shropshire CC B
173MalcolmPageNewport Shropshire CCNewport Shropshire CC B
174PhilipJohnsonNewport Shropshire CCNewport Shropshire CC B
1825MartinBrightNova RaidersNova Raiders D01:30:18
1826AdrianStonesNova RaidersNova Raiders D
1827BarryBowenNova RaidersNova Raiders D
1828SimonJonesNova RaidersNova Raiders D
199RachelStoreyNova RaidersNova Raiders Ladies01:39:53
1910JoCoombesNova RaidersNova Raiders Ladies
1911LisaGarsideNova RaidersNova Raiders Ladies
1912LisaMillarNova RaidersNova Raiders Ladies
37SianTaborCity Of Chester Tri ClubCity Of Chester Tri ClubDNS-A
38MarkTaborCity Of Chester Tri ClubCity Of Chester Tri Club
39MalcolmSloaneCity Of Chester Tri ClubCity Of Chester Tri Club
40GillSloaneCity Of Chester Tri ClubCity Of Chester Tri Club
53GerrardKennedyParamount CRTParamount CRTDNS-A
54StuartGloverParamount CRTParamount CRT
55GrahamSouthParamount CRTParamount CRT
56MarkFennParamount CRTParamount CRT


Newport CC 10TT Series: 6 of 6 – 2nd July 2013

The perfect conditions of last week had abandoned us and the forecast was appalling; heavy rain all night. However, a hardy few turned out and the rain never came, the roads even dried out for the 7pm start. With few riding it was a short affair, but the slight wind did little to deter some decent times. This was the last of our rounds for 2013, and Sean Lacey would like to say a big thanks to all those who turned up to ride, especially our time-keepers Deanna Goddard and Dave & Merriel Griffiths, not forgetting our ‘chief marshalls‘ Ken Broad and Geoff Sharples.

Pos.RiderClubActual Time
1Rich NicklessNova Raiders22.09
2Rich SmithWrekinsport23.04
3Alex LeekWrekinsport23.43
4Tim NelsonNewport CC23.55
5Mark GoldingNova Raiders25.44
6Steve WoottonUnattached27.15
7Phil JohnsonNewport CC28.14
8Alan PriceUnattached29.24
9Terry CollinsWrekinsport36.19


Newport CC 10TT Series: 5 of 6 – 25th June 2013

A fine and still evening set the perfect conditions for time trialing and the 22 riders who took part were all in for a good result. A mix of Newport Shropshire CC riders made up the bulk of the numbers, with a contingent from other local clubs.

Newport CC’s own Aidan ‘The Pistons‘ Dodd was riding his single speed bike again, setting a great (if not brave) time of 22:56, but the surprise of the evening came from Nova Raider’s Richard Nickless, who set a storming time of 21:55

There is one more round of the Newport Shropshire CC series next week on Tuesday 2nd of July, so come along and give it a go – or just cheer the riders on!

Another round of time trials on the same course starts 9th July, hosted by Nova Raiders.

Pos.RiderClubActual Time
1Rich NicklessNova Raiders21.55
2Rich SmithWrekinsport22.23
3Aidan DoddNewport22.56
4Ed MiddletonNova Raiders23.15
5Alex LeekWrekinsport23.55
6Colin BarnesWrekinsport23.58
7Dave GostelowWrekinsport24.19
8Ian LaverieNova Raiders24.46
9Ian BroganUnattached24.50
10Paul MaceHigh Wycombe CC25.06
11S WestwoodNova Raiders25.17
12Malcolm PageNewport26.42
13Gordon EvansNewport26.48
14Steve WoottonUnattached27.01
15Paul GrubertNova Raiders28.24
16Matt Bamford-HaleNewport28.26
17Simon WhittakerUnattached28.43
18Phil JohnsonNewport28.51
19C WadeNova Raiders29.36
20Des McKeownNewport30.25
21Hilary StevensonNova Raiders31.51
22Terry CollinsWrekinsport35.37


Newport CC 10TT Series: 4 of 6 – 18th June 2013

An almost perfect night for the third Newport Shropshire CC Time Trial of the season with Richard Smith recording the fastest time of 22.37. Sean Lacey was “Fresh” from his JOGLE adventures but manage to record his best time ever with 25.09. With The Shropshire Challenge and the monster Burway still heavy in their legs, ‘Pistons’ Dodd still managed another PB and Nelson also putting in a very respectable time too. Well done to all.

Pos.RiderClubActual Time
1Richard SmithWrekinsport22.37
2Aidan DoddNewport Shropshire CC23.16
3Ed MiddletonNova Raiders23.28
4Alex LeekWrekinsport23.44
5Tim NelsonNewport Shropshire CC24.04
6Colin BarnesWrekinsport24.06
7Paul MaceHigh Wycombe CC24.12
8Robin SheddenWrekinsport24.22
9Sean LaceyNewport Shropshire CC25.09
10Mark GoldingNova Raiders25.15
11S. WestwoodNova Raiders25.23
12Gordon EvansNewport Shropshire CC26.30
13Martin BrightNova Raiders27.26
14Robert OgdenUniversity of Bath Tri27.26
15Alex CapstickNewport Shropshire CC27.58
16Nicole HamptonNova Raiders28.22
17Philip JohnsonNewport Shropshire CC28.41
18R. StoreyNova Raiders30.05
19Hilary StevesonNova Raiders31.47
20Terry CollinsWrekinsport35.54


Newport CC 10TT Series: 3 of 6 – 11th June 2013

Aidan ‘Pistons‘ Dodd put in another strong performance, with a PB for this year of 23.25, with Matt Blythe only 6 seconds off ‘Pistons‘ pace and Nelson making up three Newport CC riders finishing within 23 minutes.

Paul BaileyManchester Wheelers22.08
Richard SmithWrekinsport23.17
Aidan DoddNSCC23.25
Matthew BlytheNSCC23.31
Adrian BillingtonWrekinsport23.31
Tim NelsonNSCC23.50
Alex LeekWrekinsport24.01
Steve ElcocksWrekinsport24.20
Malcolm PageNSCC26.55
Steve WoottonUnattached27.27
Robert OgdenUniversity of Bath27.41
Alex CapstickNSCC27.58
Gordon EvansUnattached28.31
Philip JohnsonNSCC28.34
Peter HarperUnattached28.58
John GayNSCC29.08
Terry CollinsWrekinsport36.32


Newport CC 10TT Series: 2 of 6 – 4th June 2013

After the first 10TT was abandoned due to dangerous volumes of lying water on the roads, this second 10TT in the series was like chalk & cheese and acted as the Super 7 Series qualifier, so will go toward the S7S points accumulation.

In total 39 riders completed the course with the fastest being Steve York of Wrekinsport CC with a time of 22:09.

The fastest Newport rider was Aidan Dodd with a time of 23:50.

Well done to all those who took part in the first club “Race of Truth” this year.

129Steve YorkWrekinsport CCV22:0920
210Jason HarlandWrekinsport CCV22:5218
325Fraser MacKinnonWrekinsport CCV23:4116
424Aidan DoddNewport Shropshire CCS23:5014
535Delwyn JonesWrekinsport CCV23:5512
612Neil ColesOswestry Paragon CCV23:5610
719Tom GarbettNorth Shropshire WheelersJ24:00:008
814Adrian BillingtonWrekinsport CCV24:01:006
916Richard SmithWrekinsport CCV24:03:004
101Alex LeekWrekinsport CCS24:11:002
119John SteeleWrekinsport CCV24:21:002
1220Dave GostelowWrekinsport CCV24:23:002
1318Tim NelsonNewport Shropshire CCV24:45:002
1436Dave PoulterWrekinsportV24:52:002
1534Scott HarrisNova RaidersV25:32:002
1630Omar HusseinNewport Shropshire CCS25:43:002
1723Robin SheddenWrekinsport CCV26:00:002
1832Gareth EvansNewport Shropshire CCS26:04:002
1928Sean LaceyNewport Shropshire CCV26:12:002
204Adrian BarkerMid Shropshire WheelersV26:14:002
2115Matt ArtmitageMid Shropshire WheelersV26:19:002
2233Steve UrbickiNova RaidersV26:22:002
233Mark StocksNewport Shropshire CCV26:30:002
2426Mark HarrisonNova RaidersV26:45:002
255Malcolm PageNewport Shropshire CCV27:23:002
2621Andy JosephNewport Shropshire CCV28:00:002
2740Steve WoottonUnattachedS28:06:00N/A
2831Gavin WoodhouseNewport Shropshire CCS28:23:002
2911Tracey BillingtonWrekinsport CCV28:30:002
3022Pete BerridgeUnattachedV28:58:002
3139Paul GrubertNova RaidersV29:14:002
327Simon WhittakerUnattachedV29:28:00N/A
3337Amanda WittyWrekinsport CCV29:30:002
346James LuNewport Shropshire CCS29:40:002
358Philip JohnsonNewport Shropshire CCV30:08:002
3617John GayNewport Shropshire CCV30:33:002
3738Matt Bramford-HaleUnattachedS31:27:00N/A
382Des McGowenNewport Shropshire CCV32:55:002
3927Gary CollinsWrekinsport CCV37:32:002
13DQMatt GriffithsOswestry Paragon CCVDQDQ


Newport CC 10TT Series: 1 of 6 – 28th May 2013 – Cancelled due to extreme weather culminating in dangerous conditions.